Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Messages from Ol' Blighty

Thanks for all your messages everyone, really appreciated. Hayley and Rosanna, thanks for yours, we're fine.

We are trying to use as little power as possible so sorry to ask this but please keep messages to a minimum now, it's not that we don't want to hear from you all, just that we may not be able to recharge the phone if it's battery dies. Also need to ensure we have power for the VHF so we can speak to the coastguard as we near Cape Verde.

A BIG thank you to Caroline and CARPHONE WAREHOUSE for organising the Iridium phone for us. We couldn't have done without it, even if the bill is going to need a mortgage to pay it off. Hope you had a lovely honeymoon in Colarado Caroline. Thanks for all that you've done.

At night we no longer use the main light as it drains the battery too much, so it's very dark! We've got some battery powered lights but they are not as strong. I think we've both adjusted to the nights but it's still as eerie as hell at times.

Thanks to all our sponsors, friends and familes and the kind people that have provided equipment on loan. Wishing you all the best for 2009!

Bye for now, Ken & Aldo xx

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  1. Hi Aldo, Just like to say well done for the crossing so far. Its another great achievement to add to the list. Its not everyone that would have the moral fiber and courage to even attempt such a feat. So, Well done for getting so far, the weather was against you, and no doubt many people would have called it a day long before now. I dont know what it is that spurs you on but that old bootneck 'never say die' attitude will always come to the fore when it is needed.

    Also, want you to know that all your friends are extremely proud of you and the sacrifices you have made. The charitable work you have done and the funds you have raised will go towards helping a lot of people who really need the care, so once again here is a very much deserved pat on the back.

    We are all looking forward to getting together when you return to old Blighty and will no doubt have a great night out at the local again.

    Best wishes and a happy new year