Friday, 12 December 2008

Captain Aldo's log

Captains Log 3 December2008.

Time 05:00 hrs, time to get up?? but my head only just hit the pillow! press snooze have another 9 minutes. Ziggy and Duncan text to say nearly at Gatwick.... bugger me 2nd text......... Robbie, where are you Aldo....ARGH!!!!!!
Ok, day already off to a bad start and it gets worse, yes I`m late, walk in on Ken and he`s fast asleep, ..... Buddy coffee on the side.... Ok car`s packed and yet another text.... yeah yeah were just 20mins away, call from Robbie, sorry buddy no hands free speak soon......little did I know Robbie had to leave at 6:45 to get to work, sorry buddy a massive apology... but thats me Last minute dot com.

Airport.... why is the long term parking so far away.... where's the bus.... why is it when your in a rush things just get in your way to make the day go even worse. Park up the silver pussy and head for the bus stop. Ffffreezing....

Arrive at check-in....Easy jet..... you what!... but man this is for Charity.... how the bugger can you charge £94 for over weight baggage. What just 20kgs per passenger? No pre-booked hold baggage on ticket!! But there must be!

Hell boy (Ken) takes everything in his stride does nothing faze this guy........
Little time to chat to Duncan and Ziggy as we now must hurry through security....

Security gate... belt off, lap top out, empty pockets..change in box how much more do they want ... hold on check the lady with the back pack on her back... no such luck....

Quick dash through airside. Just time to grab some water for the flight coz bugger me flight`s on time.

Now starving as no time for breakfast. Luckily Dawn has packed some sarnies but they got a bit squashed on route. Just like those ones you had as a kid on the beach when you were little...cheese and tomato with the juices soaking through the bread. Fills a gap, perhaps try to get 40 winks....

35`000 feet... the ugliest air stewardesses you have ever seen, we hit turbulance, I have never seen such flex in the wings... I`m not scared, in fact I laugh knowing that whats ahead is far worse than a little bit of cloud spoiling a pleasant flight.....
Landing near perfect... bags collected but still peed off about excess charge... bugger me these bags are heavy.

After an hours walk with monstrous bags we finally get to the ferry crossing to La Gomera, now in Gomera we need to find a place to rest these tired heads, Boats not due for two days.

Bugger that, text from Cath.... seek out The Blue Marlin Bar, no its not a gay bar but a place where other rowers have signed a wall just before they set out on the dumb found challenge.

Four Guinness`s later and having put the world to right`s, we decide that this was a crazy idea.... we need food

Lets not walk too far.... pizza bar next door.... worst pizza I have ever tasted... Is it only me that has taste buds, why cant anyone else get the food right.....

I know I`m fussy but even Polly`s cooking is better than this.

Now its only 21:15 and we are ready for bed, its been a long day. Ouch call this a bed! Every time we turn the bed squeaks.

Can I just say a big thank you to all who have texted called and given me cards......Good night to you all.....

Nugget x

Captain's log 12 December

Ahoy there everyone. Well we finally set off from Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria at 1pm today 12 December 2008. It's been a long journey just getting this far. We had planned to depart from La Gomera on 9 December but the paperwork was delayed so we had to transport RITA, via a ferry from Las Palmas onto Gran Canaria. So a mini tour of the Canaries at the start and a few more Euros adding to the cost.
Sorry Dawn and Cath that you didn't get to see us off. Thank you both for all your support. Cath you'll be glad to know we got the third arial fitted and the desalinator is working! Just hope we generate enough power from solar panels for our coffee and biscuits!! Just a quick update but keep posted as more to follow......Nugget x

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