Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Day 2008 - Santa's helpers, please give us some!

Well sadly the winds have been against us once again today so we've made little progress. Thanks for all your text messages from home. Really odd being away from you all on Christmas Day. Hope you've all enjoyed your roast turkey lurky. We've been dreaming of a nice roast dinner but I settled for Chiken Korma again.

Ken and I had some fun with our gifts from home. We hear you were given a substitute hubby for the day Gill, of the blow up kind! We put tinsel on the deck and wore our Father Christmas hats (compliments of Dawnie)and pulled a few crackers (of the paper kind)but just not the same as being cosy with our loved ones at home as, I'm sure you can all imagine. Missing you all.

Have attempted to row today but may only have travelled about 10 miles as the weather is really not in our favour. I cannot wait to get home. The next six weeks feel like a lifetime away. Looking forward to our time in Antigua.

Well everyone hope you enjoy the rest of your day. How was the Queen's speech? Our coordinates at 2.30 were N24 51 294 W20 31 514. Don't tell me Pete, we're going backwards!!

Sorry our calls home were brief but lovely to speak to you all. Thinking of you.

Ken & Aldo xxxx

Kiffy has hardly been around today. I think he must be partying somewhere else. If only we could fly off for a day for a change of scenery! Saying that we've had some wonderful sunrises out here on the big ocean. My favourite part of the day.

God bless everyone and let's pray for some fair trade winds to blow us in to 2009!

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