Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sunday 21 December A Sharky Tail (well fin actually)

Survived Saturday night at sea and fortunately my sickness has subsided but Ken is still feeling pretty rough. We think it is more likely to be some of the food that has upset him this time rather than seasickness, but out here it's nigh on impossible to know as our bodies are still adjusting to such extreme conditions.
The salt manages to get into everything, despite how careful we are when preparing our food. Everything across the deck is encrusted with the white salt.
It's been a sunny but choppy day but we've managed to put in some good rowing hours. If there is one big prize to being out here it is having real time to think. I'm doing so much thinking and coming up with so many different creative ideas, from words to songs to great commercial ads for chocolate bars, that right now I have so much new stuff going on in my head that I'm not really interested in what the footie scores are at home and the general stuff we all spend so much time thinking about back home. I am thinking of the people in my life, including one very special octagenarian that I was introduced to earlier this year. David, I hope you are keeping well, you're a wonderful fella and I look forward to seeing you and Pat in Antigua. Hope you can make it, when we can celebrate both our belated birthdays.
Well, there I was rowing away just before midday with all these great thoughts in my head when I felt something collide with RITA. I looked to the port side and there was Sharky, I got a glimpse of his tail fin and looked a bit closer, a little nipper about four foot long but the way he looked up at me, with his grimacing smile, it was if to say "what the hell you doing in my waters?" Well that was enough for me to take cover, I can tell you!
Fortunately Kiffy ( our cheeky Storm Petrel that has become our mascot) was hanging around and started squawking and little ol' Sharky was soon on his way. At least I think it was Kiffy who saved the day, or was it Hell Boy (aka Ken - more green faced than red faced!) surfacing from the cabin?

Ken is still not feeling great but I did enjoy my Chicken Korma tonight. Almost had fresh crab starter. A little crab got thrown on the deck by the waves this afternoon and scuttled across the deck. Managed to get a little bit on video before washing him back (with a glass of vodka - no only kidding, we haven't got that desperate yet and no we don't have vodka on board), washing him back where he belongs, in that wonderful deep blue ocean of life.

Big thank you to everyone who is sending text via the iridium phone. This can be done via a message/00881641444829. It's good to hear from you all. Thanks too for comments on the blog. Do keep them coming in.

Time to sign off now. Our coordinates at 22.15 Sunday night: N 25 58 160, W 19 07 162

Enjoy your last few days at work (for you office types) and Blue watch, Southall - hope you're not missing me too much!!

Good night. Aldo & Ken

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