Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve - going nowhere!

Evening everyone, sorry we can't call to personally send our festive wishes but I already need a mortgage to pay the phone bill - £356 so far! But we are thinking of you all back home and wishing you and your families a very happy time, hope you don't miss us too much as we'll be missing you far more!

No doubt you're all getting into the festive SPIRIT in more ways than one.
Think of us as you tuck into your roast and raise a glass for fair weather and good trade winds to send us on our way to Antigua.
Hmmmm the thought of a cool Guinness, hmmmm.

We've not travelled far today. The weather has been against us and the wind so foul that we decided to throw the sea anchor and stop rowing as all efforts seemed pointless. All in all it's made for a rather boring day. Kiffy has been back with us but even he got bored and scooted off to look for more fun. We even tried a double row - together- but to little avail. Had some lovely tuna today, sadly not one we caught but mixed with mayonnaise on crackers it was a treat. Not sure what we're having for dinner. "What's cooking Ken?"

Thanks for the footie updates Jason. Have to say my interest in footie has been washed away out here, certainly puts life into perspective. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Auntie Elsie, Dawnie. Hope Auntie Pam is better now that she is out of hospital. Send my best wishes to your Dad, what a great fella.

Good news is that we haven't been seasick for days, so long may that continue. If Neptune is kind to us we hope to get a crack on tomorrow. Antigua still feels a long, long way to go and I can't wait to get there.

Every muscle in my body feels sore and every bone creaks under the strain. So difficult to stretch out here and no place to go! My entire body aches and each movement reminds me that my "youthful" bounce must have bounced back and left me! Poor old boy!

So our coordinates today at 6pm N25 03 350 W 20 35 230, but doubt we've moved far from yesterday.

Ah well, Merry Christmas everyone. Have a lovely time celebrating, easy on the sprouts. We'll be thinking of you, I'm salivating at the thought of roast turkey with all the trimmings.... with love Aldo & Ken xxxx

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