Thursday, 18 December 2008

Maynard's Kitchen

Well we really dined out big time tonight! Ken cooked pasta with chicken and mushrooms in a creamy (white wine!!) sauce and we had rice too (without the curry). This was followed by Spotted Dick with custard (and I'm not talking about Ken's anatomy) with two cups of tea. Oh it was divine. Best meal in days and we seem to have some very welcome respite from the sea sickness too!

The weather has been relatively mild today and we feel like we are making good headway at long last.
Our coordinates tonight N26 22 657 W 17 41 876

Hopefully the calmer seas will stay. Certainly our friendly Storm Petrel is staying with us. Squawking and swooping over the starboard bow, he spends the day almost dive bombing us. It feels like he's having a cheeky game at our expense. He's so full of energy, looking down on us laughing as we almost expire with the exertion!

BIG Hello to the guys at Len Neville's in Staines, we will definitely go for a foot operated rudder next time. BIG thank you to you for all your help and advice - really couldn't have done it without you. You've been a great support and I appreciate your call to Dawn.

It's been a busy day. The first time we have really had chance to do our ablutions. Ken had his first shave, not for me as I'm going gorilla stylie. We stripped down to our baby suits to freshen every nook and cranny and we feel relatively human again. Even did some washing!

Also BIG thanks to Jim MacDonald at MACTRA for the loan of the water maker, it worked a treat today. We managed to desalinate 14 litres of water.

It's been a good day. Even saw four dolphins playing today, spinning, jumping and twisting in the ocean. Absolutely amazing sight. Certainly all your senses seem to become very sensitive out here. At night I hear voices talking to me. Last night Gary Newman spoke to me. I also dream a lot, probably because you fall in and out of sleep for very short periods of time, but I'm convinced I can hear voices, every night. It's an incredible experience!

Apologies that we are unable to text or email anyone, we still haven't mastered this Satellite phone and it does cost an arm and a leg and we need those, if we are to have any chance of getting to Antigua!!

Well must get back on my shift now. Hope you're all keeping well and getting ready for the festive break. This time next week you'll all be asleep after too much turkey and wine. Think of us.....

Ken & Aldo

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  1. You never make us any food like that when mum is at work you just shove a chicken pie in the oven!
    Dont forget to take pictures of Dolphines when you see them !
    Miss You!!
    Love you Eve!