Monday, 15 December 2008

Day four and we're still cabin bound!

It's dark, wet, cold and if only it was smooth and frothy it would be that dream pint of Guinness! Arghhhhhh think I'm gonna throw.......uuuuurk! Sorry, Terry's chocolate orange all over again! Believe me it's a bit more serious than a tap and unwrap and much less fun, especially in such close quarters (or is that segments!). Sorry taking the pith again!

Well the weather hasn't improved, Jupiter is not on our side. We're cabin bound with no hot food or drinks, surviving on oranges, chocolate and water. It's so windy and choppy that we cannot get onto the deck, so even access to other supplies is very limited. We're still being thrown around and suffering with sea sickness like you would never believe.
How we long for a nice hot coffee. It's been the longest four days but we're told it does get better.

The satellite signal is temperamental and only really works when Ken hangs me overboard by my ankles! Well that's what he tells me.

It's very tight in the cabin, no room to sneeze, f**t or keep one's dignity! We're going through it together - brings new meaning to close encounters.

Hopefully the weather will change soon and the sea sickness will subside. Will be back soon for a daily update.

Aldo & Ken (aka Batman & Hell Boy - well madmen whatever name you choose)

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