Saturday, 27 December 2008

Boxing Day & strong South Westerly's

Having rowed about 29 miles yesterday we now appear to be going nowhere again! The strong South Westerly wind is making it impossible and we are bored and frustrated. The rain is back and we've decided to give up trying to row until the weather subsides a bit.

Last reading N24 36 595 W 20 54 168. Ken keeps twittering on about "now we know why sails were invented!!"

Polly, thanks for the Christmas box of surprises. Really at a loss with what we should do with the condoms you packed and more to the point, what's with the willie vibrator?? Getting enough rocking here without adding to it. Hope you've had a good couple of days and thanks for going to the trouble of packing up the goodie box for us.

Well Gigsy you'll be glad to know I wore my Welsh footie socks on Christmas day. All day! Hope you've had a good one.
We've both been reading for most of the day, as little else to do. Haven't even bothered to cook anything as we don't feel we deserve it. Really fed up that we're out of our shift pattern of two hours on, two hours off. Really hope things improve for tomorrow.

Thanks for the book Ziggy, I read it in two days, which is pretty good going for me.

Well going to sign off now. Keep sending your messages and sorry we cannot return them. Trying to keep the phone bill down as this trip is definitely costing an arm, leg, torso, foot et al.

Not sure my body will be worth anything after this!

Love to everyone back home.
Ken & Aldo xxx

P.S. Kiffy has been back and seems to be taking great joy out of the fact that we've hardly got anywhere. He's laughing at us!

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