Thursday, 31 July 2008

Thankyou letter from RAFT

Dear Aldo
I've just come back from a day off to hear the fantastic news that the Fire Engine Pull raised £1,760.35 towards the Atlantic Challenge. What an amazing result!

Laura has also told me how hard you worked to organise and run this event. My deepest thanks to you and your colleagues for being such wonderful supporters of RAFT. Apart from the funds you have raised, your commitment and support gives us all such a boost back here at RAFT. With fantastic supporters like you RAFT is bound to succeed in its aim to change the lives of others. You and your colleagues are such stars.

Thank you very, very much.
Best wishes Leonor
Leonor Stjepic
Chief Executive
The RAFT Institute


David Perkins G24, Julie Keenan, Aldo Diana G24, Bob Gregory G25, Samm Livett, Lloyd Crayden G25, Laura Ripley RAFT, Rick nielsen G25, Veronica RAFT, Paul Gray G24, Paul Morris G24, Darius Tsakalos G31, Dean Carr G25, Knewstead G38, Ken Maynard Row partner, Barry Morris G38, Matt Richards G39D Shek G31. Also, not included in the photo, Gary seale G24 and Gregg Bracken G24.
Thanks to everyone involved in last Saturdays' Fire Engine Pull from Southall to Ealing Fire Station.
See RAFTS report of the event here.


Hi there and thanks for visiting my site.

As some of you are aware, I am going to be rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in a wooden rowing boat. I will be setting off from La Gomera in the Canary Islands in December 2008 (weather permitting) and heading for English Harbour, Antigua.

I am doing this to try and raise funds for the charity RAFT. Using plastic surgery, RAFT help restore the lives of people who have been disfigured.
If you would like to support my cause and donate to RAFT now, I have set up a page at

If you are interested in sponsoring me or would like any further information, please email me at

All the best, Aldo.