Wednesday, 17 December 2008

17 Dec - Antonio still in tow

Had a better night but still suffering with seasickness. The sea petrel (not pectoral, sorry having a dizzy moment) is still with us and so too is Antonio's boys from La Gomera. They want our papers and to tow us back in, but we have clearance for Gran Canaria and La Palmas so we are "officially" in the Spanish waters. Just when you thought you'd escape the politics and bureaucracy of everyday life, by doing something like this, someone comes to spoil it all.
It's getting really annoying the boat is on our port side and chugging away. The crew are reasonable enough but they say they are under strict orders from Antonio. "We're fine mate, we left from Puerto Mogan and we've done the paperwork so please leave us to get on with it as your hindering us now!" That's why we travelled to Las Palmas and Gran Canaria, so that we could do the necessary paperwork with them, we didn't leave from Antonio's waters so b**ger off now.

We cannot afford to go back in shore now as we wont be able to afford the costs, plus we don't need to, it's all be done! It will just delay our trip even more.

Managing to have hot food now, but it doesn't stay down for long! Still rough waters but much improved on last few days.

Better go. Thanks for all you support everyone.

09.30 N 27 05 073 W 16 31 371

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