Saturday, 27 December 2008

Saturday 27 December - technical problems!!

Another very disappointing day, not only has the weather been against us yet again but we're now without any charge from our solar panels. Fingers crossed it's just a little blip and when daylight returns the solar panels will get charging again. Needless to say we are feeling just a little deflated.
We've only managed about a mile per hour today, so it ain't good. We've even changed our routine to doing alternate one hour rows but it doesn't seem to have helped.

Our coordinates tonight N24 16 068 W 20 56 694. Yeah, not moved much have we? Well better not use what little power we have, so going to leave it there....

We're in good spirits and keeping positive but realise it could all be over if the solar panels don't kick in. Please God it's just a little technical blip!

Good night. Ken & Aldo xxxx

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  1. Hi guys,we r tracking your progress,just figured out how to do this! We r lol at the sick and sharks,love B/W