Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Whining about Maynard's - Tuesday 23 December

It's midday Tuesday and we think we've had quite a successful 24 hours! We think we've travelled about 50 miles. Perhaps it's to do with the hot & spicy dinner we had last night, not the usual trade winds! I had my favourite curry - Chicken Korma and Ken had Chilli con Carne. Still feeling a little peckish I followed that with a Pot Noodle. Well we've been powering on ever since.
Actually I think I had the edge due to my sugar feast. I have been eating wine gums like there is no tomorrow. Ken wont touch them as they are not MAYNARD'S - and you thought I was a fussy eater! Didn't know he was so brand loyal! Anyway he is highly offended that I should have such substandard sweets on board, but hey more for me, so I'm happy as Larry.

Coordinates at 12.30 in the afternoon - it's a hot one today, so we've both slapped on the P20 suncream - N25 18 642 W 20 13 769 - how's it looking on the map Pete?
Hey thanks for the text Scott, yeah could do with a Cornetto off my Italian ice cream van out here in the heat, ha,ha,ha! Anything remotely cool would be very welcome.

It's much cooler at night, especially when we have to go back on shift in cold wet clothes. OK I wont start whinging, I'll leave that to Ken and his lack of wine gums. Getting in and out of the cabin doesn't get any easier as each day passes. The stiff muscles make the contortionist act more of a challenge each time. We've certainly had some entertaining moments. We rely on our own entertainment out here. Haven't had any charge on the IPod for a few days, so not even any music to distract my thoughts, but it's back on charge today! Haven't convinced Ken to listen to my toons yet! Give him time, he'll succumb.

I'm on shift next, so be back later....Aldo & ken

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  1. dear aldo you won't know me but ken will good luck to you both have safe and successful trip nd the best sort of xmas you can in rowing boat in atlantic p/s tell ken pic on woodvale site don't do him any favours he's looking old neil loni and kids. again all the best