Saturday, 20 December 2008

Week 1 complete - Feeling stiff & sleeping like a baby! Friday 19th December

Another realtively successful night crossing the ocean, although I must confess we dropped the sea anchor and didn't row for 4 hours, it got a bit choppy and we were just so exhausted. It is really hard work - hats off to all those that have done this before us. We're definitely very aware that we ain't young whipper snappers anymore. Every muscle feels stiff and sore, my back is killing me (maybe I haven't mastered the technique yet - perhaps I should have tried rowing a boat on water before we set off).There's no roon to stretch out, so lying in the small cabin just compounds the stiffness. It's impossible to relax. We really do need a masseuse out here pronto! Any offers? The blisters are well and truly in evidence now and that lovely babysoft bottom is no more.

But talking of babies (unusual for a fella I hear you say) Ken has been sleeping like one. Unbelieveable! Nothing seems to wake him. There I lie in the confines of our triangular shaped cabin, with just 3 inches of foam as some form of mattress, the top of the cabin about a foot above my head, the rudder right behind my head, a sleepng bag and a squidgey neck roll (compliments of Cath - thanks Cath) and apart from the heavy, solid banging of the waves against poor RITA, everything conceivable on our small 24 foot boat seems to knock and rattle through the night. I've even been tying socks and T-shirts on to things, including the oars, to muffle the sounds but to little avail. Meanwhile, Ken bless him, is giving it the zzzzzzZZZZZZZ large and is totally oblivious to it all. Even the banging of the rudder which is situated right by our heads, doesn't stir him. Meanwhile I fall in and out of sleep, listening to the voices of the sea and different tales unfold each night. I don't think I've ever had such vivid dreams and the voices sound so real!

We had porridge for breakfast this morning but it wasn't like my Goldilocks makes it. "Sorry Ken, I cannot stomach this, it's going over board". It seems the fish enjoyed it. Ah well a few more biscuits filled a hole and a bit more of the loaf of bread that Antonio's men kindly gave us.

During the day it's been quite breezy so we're rowing in fleeces. The day started with a good westerly so it's helping us along. It's sunny and warm but the wind is keeping it a tad cool on board.

11am Friday 19 Dec N 26 14 927 W 17 51 459. Thanks for keeping a chart of our route Cath and Pete.
By this afternoon we will have been at sea for one full week. What a start we've had! Hmmmm I think I have a special note to open from Dawn - a "one week in" letter - something to look forward to, just hope I can read it as reading so far is nigh on impossible, even taking the coordinates down gives us blurred vision - "should have gone to specsavers". Hey talking of Specsavers I popped in their before we left and you'll never guess who I bumped into...................................................everyone! Hahahaha. Well you didn't think the jokes would get better out here!

Well back to it........think of us tonight when you're down the local having a pint or two.
Aldo & Ken

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