Saturday, 3 January 2009

Saturday 4 January 2009 - sunnier climes, sunnier spirits!

Hi everyone,
Sorry we've been incommunicado but really on very low battery and still no power from Solar Panels!! Thankfully the weather has improved and we are heading south to Cape Verde. Sunbathing weather today - bloomin' hot so have slapped on the old sun cream. Thanks to P20 for providing this.

It's still very blustery but the waves are good and we're feeling human again with all guns blazing. We reckon we should be in Cape Verde in 6 days so fingers crossed. Hope to get the technical issue resolved once we're there.

Coordinates today at 1400 GMT N21 10 166 W 21 17 758. Once again thanks to Pete and Mo for keeping a track of our route on the web.

Not much more to add and need to keep it short to save valuable battery energy, but we're happy chappies now we know we can reach our mid-point destination.

Best wishes to everyone and belated birthday wishes to Robbie, sorry fella these come a little late, but you know, Aldo style!! Hope you had a great birthday.

Ken & Aldo

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