Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Waterworks on the blink! Tuesday afternoon 23 December

Tuesday and we were having a good day and then..... the desalinator pack's up. Hmmmm after about 20 or so minutes fiddling with tubes and wires we call Jim at Mactra and he talks us through the process and in no time it's back in action and we're deslinating again! Yippee!

Started the day on Corned Beef Hash - did miss the HP sauce though - just not the same without it! Ken being the big bear that he is, stuck to his morning oats. We've had an admin day today, getting things 'ship shape' and having a tidy up.

Not a very eventful day really. Kiffy has been back, squawking as usual but very little other life out here today. We thought we saw a sea water croc on the starboard side but it turned out to be a block of six by two!

I'm still finding it difficult to sleep. In fact neither of us has knapped much today, so I hope I might sleep like a log tonight. I still hear voices at night and they certainly bring my imagination alive! The waves continue to lash at RITA and there's just no way of keeping dry for very long, even when the wind subsides a little, the waves keep on coming!

You may be wondering how the old spotty botty's are doing. Well even if you are not I'm gonna tell ya! Not bad actually. A little tender but I'm managing on one seat cushion whereas Ken is taking the luxury throne and has been sitting on two cushions from day one!

Have we lost much? Probably a pound of two, the little ducks that got washed away and today one of my towels blew away. We haven't lost our marbles yet, well no more than the few we were short before we started and agreed to do this darn trip!

Well it's my turn on the oars so signing off now.

Good night and God bless, Ken & Aldo xx

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