Monday, 22 December 2008

Battleship Grey Monday 22 December

It's grey, grey, grey today. There's been a low mist pretty much all day and no real sign on sunlight breaking through. It's almost spooky being at sea in this envelope of fog. We've been waiting for the Bismark and Tirpitz to appear in the mist, ready for battle. We've been creating stories and imagining what it must have been like all those years ago for those young men at sea going into the unknown. Put's our little expedition into perspective. It's been cold too, very cold, so Ken's over zealous slapping on of sun cream this morning (thanks to P20 we've got plenty of stock on board) was mistimed and a good dollop of goose fat might have done a better job!
Talking of birds...Henrietta still hasn't laid any eggs, so no fry up this morning but we had chicken, sausage and beans instead - compliments of Snowy and the MOD - thanks mate. Not sure what Maynard's kitchen will produce tonight but I've been munching on sweets and chocolate bars for most of the day ( thanks to all those who donated so much sugary stuff including Elin and her boxes of chocolate) - I'm in my element with all this sugar. The store of sweets seems endless. Ken calls the cabin the "novelty sweet and toy shop" (as that's where all our goodies are stored under the bed - sorry sleeping section - calling it a bed is a totally misrepresentation of the facts!!). Daisy Woo my little mascot is tied in the corner, keeping a close eye on the stock control. Meanwhile Animal- compliments of Duncan and Ziggy - sits outside to ward off the creatures of the sea underworld. We did have some cute ducks with us but sadly they got washed overboard and are now bobing somewhere at sea.

We don't feel like we've made much progress today. It's felt like a very long day. It tends to get dark by 6.30pm and it's quite eerie when it's so dark. It's impossible to determine where the sea ends and the sky begins, just one dark black cloak wrapped around RITA as the waves continue to rise and fall. The flickers come quick and fast. you can see them coming in daylight but there's no time to take cover and you end up drenched top to toe. Then there are the rollers that are a challenge to row over but are generally quite mild compared to any of the other waves. The worst are the rogues, that sneak up behind you and they thwak on the back of the head and neck, so strong that they could tip you off the boat. Just now there seems to be some raging white horses building up so I think I'll go take cover and check out the sweet store.

Our coordinates at 4pm today were N 25 44 953 W 19 33 169, too dark to take any readings now!
Sleep well everyone, coz you know I won't. "I can sleep through anything Ken", probably will be giving out the ZZzzzzzzz's in seconds!

Hopefully it isn't costing us anything to receive your messages via the Iridium website, so keep 'em coming. However, Duncan may need your help on a mortgage for the phone bill so far....£240, help! £2.25 per minute, that's daylight robbery. So we wont speak soon but do keep in touch.

Aldo & Ken

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