Saturday, 13 December 2008

First night at sea.....

...and just too seasick to do very much. It's been pretty scrawly weather and getting accustomed to the motion of the ocean is taking it's toll on us both.
Guess we should have taken the Stur..urrrrrr....gheon tablets before we set off rather than wait until the symptoms hit and boy have they hit hard! Impossible to even look at the charts. Why are all the medications for prevention rather than cure? Oh comes hugheeeeeee.......blurrrrrrh......urrrrh
Certainly haven't made much headway on our first 24 hours but hey plenty more days at me, gotta go.....

be back soon.......


  1. Aldo - everyone at RAFT is thinking of you. What an amazing thing to do and we are so grateful. Leonor

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