Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Satisfying the Spanish "Authorities"

Antonio's men have been with us all day. We've refused to be taken ashore as we know our paperwork is up to date and we are "officially" in the water. It's been a real nuisance having this big orange boat alongside and has really hampered our rowing today but at least we are now into our 2 hours on 2 hours off alternate shift pattern.
By mid afternoon the Guarda Seville arrive by helicopter and insist we go ashore but after some discussion over the swell of the water as I wobble on the deck, I convince them to allow me on board their boat to show them our documentation. They agree and in no time their jetski is zooming over to collect me and take me into the comfort of their warm cabin, with coffee and biscuits.
The crew are very understanding and are just working to Antonio's orders. The Guarda Seville are satisfied and is soon hovering and swooping above us again. Seems his going to follow us all the way!
We're still suffering seasickness but feeling a liittle more normal if that's possible! The hot tea is going down well, but also coming up pretty good too. Guess it's just par for the course.

In the evenings Ken is able to give me some star gazing lessons. It's really quite magical at night. The sea glistens and sparkles from the light of the moon and stars, there's nothing but darkness and sparkles! The imaginary whales continue to bash the boat. It always feels worse at night, feels like the side of RITA might break with the weight of the sea bashing her from side to side.

I'm tired now. Even talking on the phone takes enormous effort, hanging out the tiny cabin, rocking with the boat and continuously bashing my head.
By 7.30 in the evening we've reached 26 56 881 W 16 57 233 N. Gonna try to get some rest back soon.....

Aldo & Ken

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