Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tuesday 30 December - Thunderstorms without charge!

So here we are two days further into the trip and we haven't moved a bloomin' nautical mile! Frustrated, bored and p***d off is putting it mildly. The sun hasn't shone for days and the solar panels are still not working properly so we're running on very low power, so apologies for having to keep communication short.
The wind is still blowing a South Westerly, so against us all the way. It's been impossible to row against but believe me we've tried. Hence the sea anchor has been out more than in!

Last night we had severe thunderstorms and during the day heavy rain, so we beginning to think that Jupiter is determined to give us the hardest time possible. With that said we are considering our options. We're looking to drop south and row to Cape Verde Islands as without power and hence without any form of communication, the risk is too great to attempt the full 3000 miles to Antigua. We're both gutted to think our challenge may be over due to technical problems but we need to make a calculated judgement and think of safety first.

Hopefully we'll be able to give another update soon, power permitting, so keep checking.

Rest assured we're both doing fine, keen as ever to row and are determined to use our frustration to get ashore safely. Fingers crossed we could be there in 10 days or so.

No coordinates today as we've not really moved. We just need some good luck to come our way as we've had a distinct lack of any so far! Hopefully Neptune will be kinder to us now.

Thinking of you all. Ken & Aldo

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