Thursday, 8 January 2009

Thursday 8 January - British Consul

Had to set off early today to sort out our documents and administration with the British Consul in Cape Verde. We managed to get some accommodation last night (not unlike the frugal apartment where we stayed in La Gomera with squeaky old iron beds!) but we're running on empty in every way. Ken has £24 on him and we managed to get some cash last night with our cards but have no idea of the exchange rate.
I'm without any decent clothes and feeling like an orphan in these second hand shoes but hopefully I can get some things together before we fly.

Understandably we have been treated a bit like suspected criminals and illegal immigrants, arriving as we did in this foreign land! We've been checked for drugs and had to fill out numerous forms but we know it's all just a necessary formality. It's hassle we could do without, just want to be on that flight home now.

My shoulder is in a pretty bad way but we are both doing fine. Thanks for all your good wishes and support.
Ken & Aldo

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