Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Tuesday 6 January - Lucky to be alive!

Just to let everyone know that we had a very close call with a massive cargo vessel but we are fine.

Once again the weather had taken a turn for the worst and we were unable to row. Late Tuesday afternoon we were both in the cabin, feeling rather bored and frustrated when just by chance Ken looked out to see a huge cargo vessel heading straight for us, only hundreds of yards away.
Immediately we sprang into action and set off the flares to raise the alarm. The first flare didn't work but luckily the second one did and fortunately the turkish crew of the big vessel spotted us just in time to change it's direction and a major collision was (at first) avoided.

Unfortunately the day finished catastrophically for RITA. During the events that ensued poor RITA got wrecked and we boarded the cargo vessel to be taken ashore to Cape Verde. We are devastated but thank God we are alive.

Wednesday 7 January 2200 GMT
We had an horrendous 24 hour journey on the Maersk Varsberg with the wind blowing at 32 knots and 25 foot waves, both of us were extremely sea sick, but we are now finally in Sao Vicente and hope we will be boarding the next available flight home. The turkish crew on the cargo vessel were fantastic. They even gave me a pair of old shoes to wear as I have none of my own.

I am devastated beyond words but I know it could have been a very different story!

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