Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sunday 4 Jan - just finished giving our thanks to God!

Morning all,
Just a quickie as Solar panels still not charging but we are doing fine, in good spirits and making good headway to Cape Verde. I'm confident we can resolve technical problems once ashore and so the journey wont be ending yet!

It seems God has answered our prayers. Thanks everyone for your text messages and support, they are so very valuable. Keep them coming as it seems receiving them does not drain too much power and now we are on the home stretch (well mini-stopover) to Cape Verde we can make a better assessment of how much power we can manage on. Hopefully be there in 5 days with VHF ready to alert local coastguard. These coastguard guys in Falmouth are amazing, doing a fantastic job, great to know you're there behind us so at least it wont come as a surprise to the locals to see two foreign nuggets in a row boat in Cape Verde waters. How's your portuguese Ken? Que? Wadda u want?

Sun is out again today and it's gonna be another HOT one. Latest coordinates, little pink number with frills and white....oops only kidding, Ken hasn't really dressed for church!

At 1015 GMT N20 35.685 W21 21.897, how we doin on the map Pete?

Hmm better get that suncream on. Be back soon. Miss you all but really getting into it now so fingers crossed all goes well from Cape Verde. RITA is still going to the Caribbean, yippeee!

Aldo & Ken xxxxx

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