Thursday, 31 July 2008


David Perkins G24, Julie Keenan, Aldo Diana G24, Bob Gregory G25, Samm Livett, Lloyd Crayden G25, Laura Ripley RAFT, Rick nielsen G25, Veronica RAFT, Paul Gray G24, Paul Morris G24, Darius Tsakalos G31, Dean Carr G25, Knewstead G38, Ken Maynard Row partner, Barry Morris G38, Matt Richards G39D Shek G31. Also, not included in the photo, Gary seale G24 and Gregg Bracken G24.
Thanks to everyone involved in last Saturdays' Fire Engine Pull from Southall to Ealing Fire Station.
See RAFTS report of the event here.


  1. Fantastic Effort-Great cause. Good Luck!!!

  2. Nice one, boys ; o ) Looked great pulling that ol thing! Zigs 3 xxx's